Rek41 set to take on Copperfield site in new Birkenhead venture

Published 6th February 2023

The site that was previously the Copperfield pub in the heart of Birkenhead offered an opportunity for an organisation to be in the centre of the community and make a real impact. The team at Rek41 agreed, and we here at Wirral Methodist Housing Association are proud to say that a lease has been agreed and Rek41 will soon be opening it’s doors to the community.

Rek41 is at its core a social club, with a difference. The idea behind Rek41 was developed by and with the support of recovering substance abusers and mental health service users. Providers of local services also provided support in the development of the idea. Rob Cumine said of the project ‘Birkenhead offers a fantastic range of services for both mental health and substance abuse recovery, however those services close at 5pm. Throughout psychology it is widely accepted that environment plays a huge role in both mental health and addiction. As it stands the area is beginning to create a day time culture of recovery through positive interactions within the local community and therefore environment. However, these positive environments close for the evening and weekends.

The Rek41 team and Housing Officer Kerry Watterson celebrating the signing of the lease

“Our aim is to provide a safe place for all services users to socialise. Through our own individual journeys and feedback from current service users, there was – and is – a sense that recovering adicts and those who suffer from poor mental health can feel outcast from the community as a whole, particularly when it comes the social environment within the local area.”

Rek41 views recovery as ongoing journey and sees no reason why individuals should not be able to enjoy such things as live bands, games, quizzes and many other aspects of social life.

We are excited to see what Rek41 have in store for the Copperfield site and watch this space for more news on what is happening in the local community.