Ending Your Tenancy

To end your tenancy with us you must give us four weeks notice in writing. You must sign and date the notice and give a forwarding address. If you give us less than four weeks notice you may still have to pay four weeks rent. If you have a joint tenancy either party can end the tenancy by giving notice in writing

Notices Must be Sent in or Hand Delivered to:

Wirral Methodist Housing Association, 42 Hamilton Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5AE.

You can extend your period of notice to over four weeks if you need to, but, you must notify us as soon as you know that you need to e.g. If you are buying a house and the completion date is delayed.

During Your Notice Period

During your notice period we may wish to advertise your home or bring a potential new tenant to look around. It would be helpful if you would let us do this. It means that we can find a new occupier more quickly, which helps us to keep rent losses and costs down and prevents vandalism to empty property.

During your notice period, one of our Maintenance Officers will also want to inspect the condition of your home to see if any repairs need doing and if any of them should be done by you. If you leave without carrying out those repairs, we may recharge you.

On Moving Day

Your tenancy will end on a Monday. Please return all keys for your home to us before 10am on the Monday on which your tenancy agreement ends. If you don’t, we may charge you rent for the extra weeks until the keys are returned, or charge you for changing the locks.Please remove all of your furniture, floor coverings, personal possessions and rubbish. Leave your home and our fixtures and fittings in a clean and lettable condition. If you leave any items in your home when your tenancy has ended, we may charge you with the cost of removing them.

Do not leave any people or animals in your property when you end your tenancy. People still in the property after the tenancy has ended will be taken to court as squatters. Animals left in the property will be referred to the RSPCA.Turn off the central heating boiler, water supply and leave the electric cabling and any gas installation in a safe condition i.e. do not leave uncapped gas pipes where your cooker used to be or leave any bare electric wires and please leave any instruction manuals in the property.