Vision and Values


Wirral Methodist Housing Association Ltd is dedicated to working in the community to provide homes and services that improve the quality of life for all.



Our vision will be sustained by the promotion of the individual as a person through the following values:


Tree Carving to Commemorate the Founders of the Association at Hamilton Road, New Brighton

Needs Led:   Finding solutions for those whose housing needs have not been adequately met.

Service Focus:   Tailoring our services to needs of tenants and neighbours.

Responsible Employment:   Investing in our employees.

Quality:   Continuous improvement in accommodation and services.

Participation:   Involving tenants, residents and other stakeholders in the Association’s affairs.

Environment:   Concern for our locality by ensuring our impact is positive and sustainable.

Prudence:   Assessing and managing risk to maintain financial strength and stability.

Progress:   Seeking to be a major player in regeneration and in the renewal of the physical fabric of the Wirral area.

Integrity:   To trade ethically in an open transparent way.