Damp and Mould

Condensation, Damp and Mould Growth

Condensation, Damp and Mould

We want to assure you that we have adopted a Zero tolerance towards dampness.  Your safety in your home is important to us. This means that we won’t rest until we’ve tackled the cause of the dampness not just the symptoms. We will respond to any issues you have with damp, mould, and condensation. Different types of damp and different levels of damp will need different solutions.

We will work with you to agree how best to sort it out. We’ll probably need to inspect it first, before we decide exactly what needs doing and who is best to do it.


We will keep in touch with you until you tell us that you are satisfied and that the problem has been fixed. But if you remain dissatisfied you can use our complaints process to try to find a way to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
If you have previously reported problems with damp, mould and condensation, and you don’t feel it has been sorted properly please contact us. We will treat it as an official complaint and resolve the problem.