About us

Wirral Methodist Housing Association has been providing quality housing in Wirral and Ellesmere Port since 1964.

We provide family houses, flats, supported accommodation including sheltered housing and shared ownership schemes.

We strive to be a caring organisation and are committed to providing quality homes and a responsive service.

Wirral Methodist Housing Association was founded in 1964 be eight Methodist folk who were moved to address the housing problems of the time in their home community of Wirral.

The organisation grew organically and slowly throughout the next 15 years until increasing funding of social housing by Government enabled it to expand to its current size of over 850 properties in management.

We are a charity which does not distribute the profits we make to shareholders, but instead invest them in the work we do to help people in need. We have a Voluntary Board of Management who give their time freely to ensure we maintain our ethos, our vision and our values.

We believe in treating everyone who we come into contact with as a valued individual with whom we seek to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please read more about our fascinating journey by clicking on the History link.