Finding Somewhere to Call Home

Wirral Methodist Owns and Rents Houses in the Wirral and Ellesmere Port Areas

We do not hold our own waiting list. You must register on the `Property Pool Plus` register for homes on the Wirral or register with Cheshire West and Chester Council for properties in Ellesmere Port.

What is Property Pool Plus?

Property Pool Plus is a partnership of Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in the Wirral area who have agreed an allocations policy for letting their housing stock in the borough. The policy is based on a quota system of available vacancies which are advertised each week and people are asked to apply for suitable properties which they are interested in. Landlords taking part in the scheme are:

  • Cobalt Housing
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Crosby Housing Association
  • Family Housing Association
  • The Guinness Partnership
  • Habinteg
  • Halton Housing
  • Jonnie Johnson Housing
  • KHT
  • LHT
  • Liverpool Mutual Homes
  • One Vision Housing
  • Prima Group
  • Places for People
  • Plus Dane Group
  • Regenda Homes
  • Riverside
  • Stonewater
  • Villages Housing
  • Wirral Methodist Housing Association Ltd
  • Your Housing Group

How Do I Register On The Property Pool Database

You must have a current application on the Property Pool Plus Database in order to apply for an advertised vacancy. You can register on the database at any Council One Stop Shop or by telephoning Property Pool Plus 0151 691 8518. You will be given a reference number and a registration date.

It is important that you inform Property Pool Plus of any changes in you circumstances as a failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your application.

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Can Anyone Register on the Database?

Almost anyone over the age of 16 years can register. Some people who are subject to immigration control may not qualify. Applicants with a history of anti-social behaviour may be disqualified from registering and /or being offered a property. Applicants with rent arrears may be prevented from being offered a property.

What Happens if I Need to Move Urgently?

Some applicants may need to move urgently. Their application will be assessed and they may be awarded a Band A status:

  • Applicants who are currently living in a property which is classed as being statutory overcrowded.
  • Applicants in severe medical need where their current housing is adversely affecting their health.
  • Applicants living in a current clearance area.
  • Statutory homeless (unintentionally with priority need)

How Do I Apply For Vacancies?

You can apply for the vacancies in the following ways:

  • Log into your account on line
  • Telephone Property Pool Plus Advisor on 0151 691 8518
  • Email the Property Pool Plus Team  –  [email protected]
  • Telephone automated bidding number 07537 402 602

You may apply for a maximum of 3 properties each week. Please note that the closing date for receiving expressions of interest is midnight on Sunday each week.

Where Will the Property Pool Plus Properties be Advertised?

You will be able to see the Property Pool Plus advert each week in the following places:

  • Internet (www.propertypoolplus.org.uk)
  • Other community facilities

Can I Apply for Any Vacancy?

You will only be able to apply for properties for which you are eligible.

Adverts will contain details of the type of household the landlord is seeking for the particular vacancy. Please be careful to check that your household fits the description in the advert (for example if it says preference will be given to a family with 2 children).

Who Will be Offered a Particular Property?

A short list of applicants will be produced which places applicants in order of their priority.  Generally properties are offered to those in the most housing need and have been registered for the longest period of time.  Before an offer is made, the landlord will check your application.

What Kind of Checks Will be Made?

This could include references from a current or a previous landlord, confirmation of who you are, who lives with you and who wants to move home with you. Any previous damage or anti-social behaviour will also be taken into consideration. You may also be asked by the landlord to give your permission for checks to be made with the Police or other relevant organisations.

How Will I Know if I’ve Been Successful?

The landlord advertising the property will contact you only if you have been successful. Therefore it will help greatly if you can supply a contact phone number.

If I am Offered the Vacancy, Will I be Able to View it Before Making up my Mind?

Yes, you will be given an opportunity to view the property and if you like it, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement and a date will then be set for you to start the tenancy.

If you view the property and decide it is not for you, don`t worry. You will be able to express interest in other properties in the future. However, please let the landlord know as soon as possible if you are refusing a property. If a number of refusals are noted, your application will be reviewed.

What if I Need Help Applying for Properties?

The Property Pool Plus team are able to help you. Phone the Hotline 0151 691 8040 and the staff will be happy to assist you. They can also arrange for an interpreter if your first language is not English. Information can be provided in large print for those with sight difficulties or you may simply need a few questions answering about the process.

For further information you can access the website on www.propertypoolplus.org.uk where full details of the scheme can be found which includes the Allocations Policy.