Dianne Jones- Celebrating 30 years at Wirral Methodist Housing Association

Published 8th March 2023

Dianne Jones began her career with Wirral Methodist Housing Association in 1993 and since then has become a well known name and face in the organisation.

As our Property Support Officer, Dianne has been coordinating repairs and been our front of house face throughout her career and is well known for her friendliness, hard work and warmth.

Reminiscing on her earlier days with the organisation, Dianne said ‘if we wanted to talk to a tenant, we would use a typewriter or give them a call. The biggest change over the past 30 years has been how much technology has advanced. It’s now so simple to send a text or email.’

Over the years, Dianne has gained a huge amount of housing knowledge and newer members of staff often ask her for help or advice, which she is all to happy to give.

When asked what she would say to someone who is just about to start their career in social housing, she said ‘Just do it. If your passionate about something, don’t let anything hold you back.’

All the staff and board members at Wirral Methodist Housing give thanks and congratulations to Dianne for her 30 years of service, hard work and dedication.