Resident Receives Outstanding Achievement Award

Published 11th November 2009

Chris Murphy, 16, a resident of Cardigan Road, born with cerebral palsy has just passed 9 G.C.S.E.s and was recently presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award by Cerebra*.

When Chris (pictured here on the left) was born, his mum was told that he would not live beyond his 3rd birthday. Despite the doctor`s prognosis that he had total brain damage and would never walk, he plays football every week and in August passed 9 GCSE`s. Even though he had major surgery during the academic year and was only able to attend school for the 6 months prior to sitting the exams.

In October, this year, at the Cerebra Children`s Awards held at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award for his excellence in sport, courage, academic achievement and assistance he gives his mum.
Chris, who lives with his mum and his twin brother Karl, who is more severely disabled with spastic-quadric plegic cerebral palsy helps his mum look after his brother, including helping Karl get dressed. Even though Chris only has the use of one hand.

Chris has had to endure numerous operations during his life and was in a wheelchair for almost 2 years whilst his body was rebuilt to give him as much mobility as possible. It took a further 2 years of determination to get mobile and walking again. But despite Chris`s disability he plays loves taking part in sport and in particular football for Liverpool Football Club`s `Respect for all` Community team.

Chris should be an inspiration to everyone. His mum, Christina Murphy, said “I would like to tell other parents who have had a child born with cerebral palsy and all the negatives that the doctors give us, to just look at Chris”. She further added “My boys are indeed very special and I`m proud to be their mum”.

*Cerebra are a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through researching, educating and directly supporting children and their carers.