Our Performance for Quarter 2- July- September 2022

Published 8th December 2022

It’s important that we share with our  tenants how we’re performing as an association . We will  provide this information on a quarterly basis and also each year in our Annual report to Tenants. We aim to perform to the highest standards possible and produce a variety of reports and plans each year which demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

We measure our performance using a number of key indicators including rent arrears and collection; voids; responsive repairs; letting time; complaints and safety compliance .We also compare our performance with other small North West Housing Associations.

Performance is reported to Board and managed by the Senior Management Team and used to measure how well we are doing. This helps us identify areas and take action to improve.

If you have any feedback on our performance or would like to get involved , please contact [email protected]

Please follow the link below to view our performance.

Performance Q2