More Help for the Needy as Association Secures £2m Loan

Published 1st February 2011

Plans by Wirral Methodist Housing Association Limited to continue to develop to meet the housing needs of disadvantaged in Wirral, took a big step forward, as the Association combined with other similar organisations, to create a bond issue organised by The Housing Finance Corporation worth over £76m, of which Wirral Methodist took a £2m share.

In difficult financial times, this loan was particularly successful at a rate of 5.40%.

Chief Executive Alun Hughes said, “We are delighted to be part of this innovative funding package put together at an attractive interest rate by The Housing Finance Corporation. This will secure plans to continue to develop over the next few years and in particular help deliver our latest housing development in Hoylake, where seven young people with disability will soon be able to live independently from the parents, in a supportive group environment”.