Home Heat Helpline

Published 21st November 2013

If you are worried about paying for your energy bills and keeping your house warm this winter, please call the free, confidential Home Heat Helpline (0800 33 66 99) for help and advice from friendly advisers.
The Home Heat Helpline offers financial help and practical advice on how to manage energy bills. It is a free, impartial and confidential service for those on a low income, disabled people or the elderly.

How can the Home Heat Helpline help me?

The Home Heat Helpline can give you advice on:

~Rebates:helping to get money off your energy bills
~Some great ways to save energy and money, including grants available for things like insulation and new boilers
~Other benefits you might be eligible for

David Thompson, 67, and his wife called the Home Heat Helpline when looking around for ways to save money, cut their heating bills and make their home more energy efficient.

“I used to be a librarian but I had to retire after I had a heart attack and some serious back problems. My wife retired two years ago, so our monthly income has taken a bit of a dip. I was so glad that I called the Home Heat Helpline. They were really friendly and helpful and answered the phone straightaway.

They told me about cavity wall insulation and how I could save money by claiming a discount if I used a registered company. They also got me a £300 voucher towards the cost of new boiler, which is just brilliant. We had the wall insulation done and it`s made a big difference already. It cost me £199, but if you`re over 70 you can have it done for free. It only took two hours. They drill a row of holes all the way around the house; it`s so neat that you really have to look to spot it. I know some old people worry about things like this but I would reassure them that`s it`s really worth doing”.

Who should get in touch?

We urge anyone on a low income or in poor health to call. You can also call the Helpline on behalf of a friend, relative or client.

How do I contact the Home Heat Helpline?

The Helpline is absolutely free – just call 0800 33 66 99, or you can chat online with one of the team at www.homeheathelpline.org.uk. There is also lots of handy information on the website too.
The Helpline is open 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday.