Having Problems Paying Your Rent?

At some time you may have  problems paying your rent.  Many people have difficulty paying their rent  because they have other money problems.

You must contact the Rent Arrears Officer straight away if you are having problems paying your  rent and we will do our best to help.

We Will:

  • Offer you a private interview at our office or in your home
  • Check if you can claim help towards your housing costs
  • Work out reasonable repayments to help you pay the money you owe
  • Assist you in accessing debt related advice to enable you to maximise your income

What We Will Do If You Owe Us Money For Rent

This is the action we will take if you owe us money for rent. At each stage we will give you the chance to make an agreement to pay. If you keep to your agreement to pay then we will not take any further action.

  • If you cannot pay all the money, we will make a repayment  agreement with you
  • If  you do not keep to your agreement, we will send you a Notice of Seeking  Possession
  • If  you still do not work with us to pay the money you owe, we will seek a Court  Order
  • Failure to pay after the court order may result in a bailiff being instructed to evict you