Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

The Association welcomes feedback about the quality of its services and sets up a range of systems to encourage people to express their feelings.

Treating people as individuals in their own right with respect and dignity at all times is our guiding principle. Further to this, we aim to be as helpful and accommodating as we can to communications from our tenants and the general public.

For this reason we have set out a Contract Service Statement which lists how you should expect to be treated when you are in communication with us. If we fail to meet the high standards we set for ourselves we are willing to learn from this and apologise where necessary.

The Association gets a lot of communications during the working day. These may cover simple requests for example, information, clarification over issues, ordering repairs, advice on housing matters and so on. Our aim is to answer these on the first point of contact or referral to the appropriate staff member. Such practice is not only intended to be consistent with our service aims as stated above but makes good business sense too.

Sometimes people are particularly pleased with the service they receive from us. Maybe you have a good idea on how we can improve a service even more. If so, we want to hear from you and we will consider what you tell us.

We recognise that sometimes people can get upset about things that we do or do not do. If that is the case we want to know so that we can do something about it if we can and try to learn from what has happened. The Association has a specific policy about how to record a complaint and details of this may be accessed through the download below.

While we will respond to approaches and issues raised by any member of the public, seeking to provide a polite, speedy response with an intention of resolving any difficulty, the Policy is however aimed at and only for use by:

  • Residential Tenants and Licensees
  • Shared Owners
  • Waiting List Applicants


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