You-Go-Slavia The Saturday Slavic Brunch

Published 14th November 2013

You-Go-Slavia! is a new food and cultural project between the Aspire Trust and Tastys Cafe in Liscard, Wallasey. It will:
Introduce South East European and Balkan culture and food to families from across Merseyside;
Provide an innovative and exciting alternative to local restaurant provision in Liscard;
Pilot a programme of cultural activity in a local restaurant based on a South East Europe/Balkan theme;

Our first event will start at 12 noon on Saturday 16 November and run until 4pm.

The address is:

Tastys Cafe
44 Seaview Road
Liscard CH45 4LA

Our specially designed menu will include great tasty dishes such as:
-Chicken soup with noodles, originating from Serbia….-Goulash originating from Hungary….-Wholemeal ginger cake (Miodownik) originating from Poland…
You will also be able to savour food delicacies from our partners in Croatia and Montenegro!

Our visiting artists for the day will be The Romanian Gypsy Band who will also be accompanied by several surprise guests from our partners across Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
Tickets are available on EventBrite here: