We are currently carrying out a survey of all of our homes.

We want to make sure that all our homes are safe and well maintained. To keep them that way, we need to check what condition they are in now and how long it will be before the roof, kitchens, bathrooms and boilers need to be replaced. So, we have asked a specialist firm of Surveyors: called Rand Associates, from Birkenhead to carry out a survey of each and everyone of our properties between now and the end of May 2024. They will make contact directly with you to arrange a convenient time for the survey to take place. It won’t take long and won’t be disruptive. Please help us to help provide safe and updated homes, by letting them into your home. If you have any concerns whether they are genuine, please do not hesitate to contact us and check. Once the survey is completed it will allow us to plan which properties we need to invest in each year to replace outdated kitchens and bathrooms as well as when we need to replace boilers, windows and roofs.

Published 26th January 2024