Volunteers Paint a Rainbow in Woodside

Published 20th May 2013

A BIG THANK YOU to the community of Woodside for helping to repaint and provide a rainbow of colour in the Church Street Playground in Woodside, Birkenhead.

With the help of a Community First Grant, The Stronger Communities Initiative Assembly, SCIA, were able to purchase the plants and painting materials they needed to put the colour back into the playground.

Pam Lawson, Secretary of SCIA Said “Unfortunately budget cuts had meant that WBC were unable to redecorate the playground for us, So they very kindly donated the paint and some enormous planters that we are able to fill with the brightest plants we could find, and we have created a wonderful, colourful and fun space for local residents and their children to enjoy”.

“Events like this bring the whole community together and get local residents talking and meeting with one another, the playground had become an area of anti-social behaviour and now the residents have reclaimed it back”.

“When we arrived this morning the playground looked unloved and not a very inspiring place to be, and although there was nothing wrong with the playground equipment, it was in desperate need of an injection of colour. All it took was a few hours and a bunch of hard working volunteers and now we have a playground that is bright and cheerful and a lovely place to be on a sunny day. The local community should be very proud of what they have done today and I hope that this is the start of more local community events in the area.” Jill Carter-Wirral Methodist Housing Association.