Summer Camp from £49 For Families On Child Benefits

Published 1st July 2010

Families receiving certain benefits can get 5 night Summer Camp stays for their 10-19 yr olds for either £49, £79 or £99. Families who dont recieve benefits can get 2for1 instead. All subject to availability and thanks to the YHA charity.
What is Summer Camp?
An adventure-lead getaway for young people, offering activities such as watersports, football, street dance, survival and more. See the `Do it 4 real` website for full details of all different types of camp on offer.
How do i get the offer?
Application forms can be filled in online via the YHA website Do it 4 Real (click on the red `Book Now` logo) where you can also find details of how to book over the phone.
Who is eligible for the £49 tickets?
This price is only available for the first week of the summer holidays. Families who book during that week and recieve the following benefits can get the offer:
Income Support
Working Families Tax Credit
Free School Meals
Who is eligible for the £79 tickets?
Families who recieve any of the above benefits, but book places during weeks 2-6 of the Summer Holidays.
Who is eligible for the £99 tickets?
Any families who recieve the Child Tax Credit
And the £299 tickets?
Families who don`t recieve any such benefits can make use of a 2for1 offer instead. Book one place at camp for the normal price of £299 and get another place free for a friend or family member at any camp across England. On the application form enter the code: FREE299, or mention it over the phone to redeem the offer.
It is taken on trust that a family is in receipt of any benefits they claim if those details are put on an application, however, the YHA have the right to request that proof at any point so please do not abuse that trust!
There is no cut off date for the offer but places are subject to availability, so don`t hang about if you`re interested.