Do You Have Contents Insurance?

We do not automatically provide cover for our  tenants` and leaseholders` household contents so you may not be protected  against theft, fire, vandalism or burst pipes. We believe that all residents  should take out suitable cover to make sure that their contents are fully  insured against possible loss.

While you are free to make your own arrangements,  we have a low cost policy that is offered through the National Housing  Federation.  The insurance provides cover for:

  • All electrical goods for example televisions,  videos and so on.
  • Freezer contents damaged due to electrical failure
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Decoration inside you home
  • And damage caused by domestic cats and dogs…

You can pay premiums every week, month, or year. If  you are interested in this scheme, please contact us for an application form

Contact Toni Rooney or Katie Jones on Tel 0151 647 5471

or email us at: