Meet Our New Repairs Contractors

Published 31st March 2022

At Wirral Methodist Housing Association, we are always looking to improve our service to customers. From 1st April we will be launching a new repairs service using just one contractor – HMS. HMS will carry out the vast majority of our repairs. They’ll arrive at your home in vans with both the HMS logo and Wirral Methodist Housing association logo on the side. So keep a look out and always ask to see I.D. All the repairs operatives will be carrying I.D. badges from HMS.

We’ll now be able to offer you a much more convenient service, by offering you a specific appointment to suit you and your availability, when you report your repair. HMS will confirm your appointment by text and they’ll let you know that they are on their way.

We’ll have three categories of repairs:

Emergency Repairs:
These are emergencies which are likely to cause injury or death or substantial property damage. These will be handled by HMS both during the day and out of hours service and the response target time to attend and make safe is within 4 hours.

Urgent Repairs:
These are faults that may cause inconvenience to you but little possibility of further property damage if dealt with within the specified target time. The response target time is within 5 working days.

Routine Repairs:
These are faults that are not hazardous or which cause minor inconvenience to a tenant. The response target time is within 20 working days.

Need to Report a Repair?

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