Equality of Opportunity

Wirral Methodist Housing Association (then Birkenhead Methodist Housing Aid Society) resolved at its first meeting of its Committee in 1964 that lettings would be made “irrespective of colour, class or creed”.

The Association over all the years since then has all the people with whom it has come into contact with as valued individuals, neighbours and friends without distinction.

The Association has been at the forefront of welcoming incomers from distant shores, from Vietnamese Boat People and Ugandan Asians in the 1970’s, as well as people fleeing from armed conflicts in Northern Ireland and more recently, Syria.

The Association is determined that the pioneering spirit of the Founders in the resolution they passed then is maintained today by its actions and that everyone with whom it comes into contact with will and should expect to be considered on an equal basis.

For a copy of the full, up to date Equality of Opportunity Policy please contact the Association.