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Gas Servicing

Gas Servicing

Under the Gas Safety Installation and Use regulations 1998, Wirral Methodist Housing Association has a legal responsibility as a landlord to provide the annual service and safety checks within a 12-month period to all properties that it manages.

This is to ensure that the gas service and the appliances are safe for our tenants and their neighbours.

Wirral Methodist HA operates an appointment scheme to ensure that all the gas appliances within managed properties are serviced at least once a year: It monitors the schemes by: 

• sending letters to advise tenants of the appointment
• leaving a calling card at every missed appointment
• sending a recorded letter to remind tenants of the urgency of the safety checks
• attempting to contact tenants by phone
• Serving a notice seeking possession.

If a tenant refuses entry to allow the gas appliance to be serviced we will issue a notice seeking possession and the tenant may be evicted for failing to allow access into the property.